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“Anti-Anxiety T-shirt for Pets” 

Our product is best described as a Wellness Product for Dogs; Animal behavior issues are well known to be caused by “FEAR” and Anxiety which turns on the “fight or flight” response in dogs. Research suggests that if the calm and peaceful side of the brain is “turned on” the anxiety or fear side of the brain is less responsive to trigger influences and “trigger stacking” for your dog.  The Swaddleshirt alleviates five major conditions; fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity, and shyness. These conditions are the root of many unwanted behaviors in dogs.  The design uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure and has been tested and perfected over the past year with our foster dogs.  Not only do the dogs come to us with various levels of anxiety but they also come in all shapes and sizes.  The most important factor in using the “swaddleshirt” is the fit.  It must not only be comfortable but snug to maintain the gentle pressure which alleviates the stress.

The swaddling effect of the Swaddleshirt helps to lessen anxiety during thunderstorms/fireworks or separation anxiety. It is made from lightweight, breathable material that is comfortable for your pet. Unlike its competitors, there are no fastening points, just slip over the dog’s head, pull the front legs through and pull down over the chest and belly. It moves and stretches with your dog’s activities and does not impede their normal hustle and bustle. It can be left on when you are away to reduce separation anxiety or put on before you leave for your trip to the vet.  The Swaddleshirt fit should be snug to maximize the swaddling effect.

Sizing Chart 2016

T-shirt sizing



We also have custom sizing – follow the diagram using a garment measuring tape or a ribbon and a regular tape.  Send you measurements and address through our contact form and we will send you a quote.

Cat Stress?

Cat Measure 1

Is your cat biting at himself, sensitive to touch and showing erratic behavior?  Your cat may be suffering from Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, also known as Rolling Skin Syndrome.  Read how to control FHS naturally through a high quality diet , supplements and a custom Swaddleshirt to alleviate the stress.  See our testimonials for Eve.

Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome also known as “rolling skin syndrome,” is in some ways very similar to a seizure disorder.

Symptoms of FHS:

    • Dilated pupils
    • Twitching of the tail
    • Appearing to be annoyed with the tail
    • Biting at the tip of the tail, sometimes to the point of mutilation
    • Behavior may change from loving, to scared and depressed
    • Sensitive to touch around the tail
    • Staring into space
    • Persistent, loud meowing
    • Dashing off madly and aimlessly around the house or yard
    • Rippling skin on the back just above the tail


Does your dog suffer from car sickness?

I wish I knew about this for my last adopted dog “Rudy” who was extremely aggressive when she first came to us from a shelter. After a year she trusted us completely and became the best dog ever but never adjusted to riding in the car. She would literally try to jump through the window to “attack” other cars, especially trucks and vibrate from fear. We didn’t take her out in a vehicle if at all possible but that is not an option for everyone.


  • Eve in Swaddleshirt


    We had Swaddleshirt make a custom tshirt for our Eve (cat). She suffers from Feline Hyperesthesia as does her sister. However Eve did not like the Thundershirt at all as it’s bulkier with all the Velcro. The staff at Swaddleshirt were so great to deal with, never hesitating in contacting us to make sure the measurements were correct. Well, it fits great and we use it when she’s exceptionally bad which thankfully is not too often. She will actually walk with this on! Lol. If you know cats, they hate anything on them and will slink down and drop on the floor. She still does this a bit, but can walk if she needs too. She never did with the competitors shirt.
    Swaddleshirt is a wonderful, drug-free option! Thanks again.

    Michele Riel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Radiation Therapist at CancerCare Manitoba
  • Charlie- Bassett Hound

    Charlie – Bassett Hound

    We LOVE our Swaddle Shirt!!
    Great customer service and craftsmanship.
    Each shirt is custom made!

    Erica Lavin, MA, USA
  • Lola2


    I ordered my shirt last week and had it two days later. Lola suffers incredible anxiety….licks and scratches herself (you can see the newest injury to her ear) and never, ever leaves my oldest son’s bedroom until he comes home. Since she got her new favourite shirt she is out of the bedroom, hanging with the family in the living room whether my son is home or not, wagging her tail more and showing a lot less anxiety. Baby steps…..but it’s a big step for her! Love it!



    Kim Laverty, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
  • Sophia 1It seems to help with the barking, we haven’t had a thunderstorm, so I can’t tell you how it works for that. For the barking, anything would be an improvement! She still barks, but stops right away, I think now I have to get two for Megan LOL…. she’s the one doing the barking now.

    I thought I’d get another one for Ily as well, that way I can put one in the wash and have the other one for her to wear.

    Thank you from a very grateful Mum… it is such a pleasure not to hear all that barking….


    Dorothea Solmes, Innisfil, Ontario, Foster mom

    This is the greatest thing that has ever been on the market if you own a dog who suffers from ANY form of anxiety, being separation anxiety, noise anxiety, or just general nervousness.

    I have one for my dog Mya, who was very anxious. She loves this shirt. It is comfy, and breathable. She wears it while we go for walks in new areas, while we have guests over, and when there is a thunderstorm. It is light, breathable, and comfy for her to wear all day if she needs it.



    Katrina Romanowski, Windsor, Rescue Hound Cross owner
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